Thursday, February 19, 2009

Santelli's Chicago Tea Party - THIS IS AWESOME TO THE TENTH POWER!

UPDATE: Here is the latest breakdown of the voting:

Would you want to join Rick Santelli's "Chicago Tea Party?"
* 83895 responses

Yes 92%
No 6.7%
Not Sure 1.7%

I obviously don't agree with the people that voted no, but I respect their opinion. However, who are the almost 2% that voted "Not Sure"? They honestly can't make a decision one way or the other on this? Is this their version of voting present?

The following links are from the DRUDGE REPORT


VIDEO: 'The government is promoting bad behavior... do we really want to subsidize the losers' mortgages... This is America! How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor's mortgage? President Obama are you listening? How about we all stop paying our mortgage! It's a moral hazard'... MORE...

High School Kids Question Obama During Speech: 'I just don't believe all the things he's telling us'...


They tell the guy that he ought to run for the Illinois senate so he can go back to D.C. The guy replies, "Do you think I want to have to take a shower every hour?"

Talk about a perfect scenario. The CNBC Business Channel is talking to their reporter from the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange. He obviously isn't afraid to speak his mind and apparently isn't too worried about the possibility of being paid a visit by Obama's Storm Troopers. It became front page news on the Drudge Report and was highlighted in big red letters. Let's hope this is enough for all the main stream media outlets to pick up on. Do I think it is enough? Well, it's a perfect story, but the MSM got Obama elected and they have been in an obsessive process of glorifying him ever since. If they were to run this negative news story about his horrible proposal to stop mortgage foreclosures it may dent his image. I'm betting most of them won't, but I really hope that I'm wrong. The American public needs a wake-up call regarding what Obama and the democrats are trying to shove down our throats.

By the way, this is from CNBC news which is very pro-Obama. I hope these reporters still have their jobs after today.

This is from CNBC

Please make sure to vote on the poll question which is:
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Would you want to join Rick Santelli's "Chicago Tea Party?"

Vote "Yes." (and vote often like the democrats)

Click here to watch the video.

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