Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days of Me - All Me, All the time -

from American Thinker
by Rick Moran
April 29, 2009

Obama's 'Managerial Brilliance'

Well yeah, if you listen to David Brooks whose glowing ecomiums to the president's "tremendously effective, efficient managerial administration" on a recent Charlie Rose show just rose up and bit him in the arse when the crazy-stupid prank of flying an Air Force One mockup so low that it panicked half of New York revealed his hero's incompetence.

Andy McCarthy writing at the Corner marking Obama's 100 days in office:

"...cabinet tax woes, "who hid the Geithner plan?", the apology tours, our national cowardice on race, the DHS secretary who is bird-dogging conservatives in search of the next man-caused disaster (when she isn't slandering Canada over 9/11), Iran and North Korea on the nuclear march, the State Department that can't translate "reset" into Russian, the redistribution by day and wagyu steak by night, the disclosure of interrogation tactics to our terrorist enemies (and coming soon, prisoner-abuse photos that even Democrats concede will increase the danger to our troops and our country), the 48-hour flip-floperoo on criminal investigations of Bush officials, etc., etc."

"Now the Obama administration frightens the living daylights out of lower Manhattan - causing building evacuations by people who though a second 9/11 was underway - just so they can have an Air Force One photo op (imagine the carbon footprint!) and it's like Obama had nothing to do with it. If you read the news accounts, it's all Louis Caldera, who was summoned to the woodshed "to hear the President's displeasure" (as the WSJ put it) from Rahm Emanuel. Why do I think that if this had happened during the last administration, no one would know the name of the guy running the "White House Military Office"?"

Do you think any of his worshipping flock of media sycophants will mention this at tonight's press conference? Or the fact that he has been so busy planning for this "100 days of Me" celebration that he hasn't bothered to fill vital posts at Treasury or HHS with a bank crisis and Swine Flu crisis looming? Probably get some questions about his wife, his dog, and how things are going to be swell once all those trillions of dollars he's spent are redistrbuted to the "right people."
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