Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hey Criminals - It's On!

Criminals Better Steer Clear Of Kentucky

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Posted by: Laer at 12:43 pm
April 28, 2009

My friend and frequent hat-tipee Jim sent along an interesting table showing state-by-state tallies of firearm background checks. Yeah, I know, not exactly the stuff that compelling blog posts are made of. But don’t be fooled!

The first thing that jumps out is that every state except Louisianna and Utah performed more background checks in February and/or March than they did in January, the month Barack Obama took office. And some of the increases were quite spectacular, like Michigan with a 22 percent increase in checks and Specterville with 21 percent.

But the most interesting stat of all is Kentucky, with 167,035 background checks in January growing to 175,314 in March. To put it in perspective, the nation’s most populous state, California, did just 72,248 checks in April - less than half of Kentucky’s total, even though California’s population is nine times larger than Kentucky’s.

Another way to look at it is to compare Kentucky backgrounders to those in Texas, which has the second highest tally, at 102,372. Kentucky performed 65,000 more background checks, with a population that’s less than a fifth the size of Texas’.

I had the good fortune to live in Kentucky for five years. I like the people - straightforward, straight-talking … and straight-shooting. I’m not looking for a big spike in the crime rate there!

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