Friday, June 5, 2009

$787 billion stimulus = in 4 months unemployment rises from 7.6% to 9.4%

from Don Surber
June 5, 2009

Fudging the numbers

Add to January’s jobless numbers, lowball May’s and presto! “Today’s jobs report qualifies as very good news.”

Feb. 6: “Employers slashed their payrolls by 598,000 jobs in January…”

June 5 (today) : “Despite the jump in the unemployment rate, today’s jobs report qualifies as very good news. The economy lost 345,000 jobs in May, the smallest loss since October and a significantly smaller one than economists were expecting. The monthly job loss has now declined for four straight months, after a peak decline of 741,000 jobs in January.”

We have gone from 7.6% unemployment to 9.4% unemployment in just 4 months.

After a $787 billion stimulus.

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