Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama’s popularity slips...

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article from Don Surber
June 17, 2009

NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed his job approval is down to 56/34 in June from 61/30 in April.

To be sure, it is only 1 poll and the numbers are high. But it is still in keeping with most rookie presidents at this point in their careers.

“The shift, five months after Obama took office as president, follows continued bad news on the unemployment rate, which rose to 9.4 percent in May. Some 35 percent of those surveyed called unemployment the most important economic issue facing the country, up a bit from 33 percent in January,” CNBC reported.

On specific policies, he does not fare as well.

41% oppose eliminating waterboarding.
52% oppose closing Gitmo.
56% oppose the GM takeover.

69% are concerned about the federal government taking a greater role in the economy and health care.

39% say the stimulus was a bad idea (37% say it was a good idea).

53% oppose giving Chrysler and GM loans.

Asked “From what you have heard about Barack Obama’s health care plan, do you think his plan is a good idea or a bad idea?” 33% said good, 32% said bad.

There are cracks in Obama’s popularity. Please, don’t tell him.
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