Monday, June 8, 2009

MUST WATCH! - Rush Limbaugh: "Obama's Got Something Against Israel..."

from Joshua Pundit
Monday, June 08, 2009

Rush Limbaugh did an amazing interview on Sean Hannity last night that's a must see, and I'll try to post the rest later.But this nugget popped out and I think it merits some clarification, especially in view of the recent Lap Dance of the Seven Veils in Cairo.

I think Limbaugh's entirely correct. Obama does indeed have something against Israel and possibly against Jews as well, and I think it stems from his background and history.

Barack Hussein Obama was the product of a marriage between a third world Muslim diplomat an anthropologist whom her friends described as fairly left wing. She had likely swallowed the line common in those circles about the evils of American society, western colonialism and imperialism, of which Israel was considered an outpost.

He then spent his formative years as a Muslim, something he was caught lying about during his campaign until the evidence came to light. And it's uncertain exactly how long he remained a Muslim, if a sporadic one. As he recently revealed to Jake Tapper, he took a trip to Pakistan during his college days when there was a travel advisory in effect and very few people travelled to the country unless they had official government business or were Muslims.

The Muslim connection is important, because of the wide spread Jew hatred throughout the Qu'ran and Hadiths, the account of the life, times and deeds of Islam's prophet Mohammed. It's not impossible for a practitioner of Islam to avoid the virus, but anyone who looks at the Muslim world today knows that it's quite common to catch it.

During the period in college when, by his own admission Barry Sowerto was changing himself into Barack Hussein Obama, his hero and role model was the arch anti-Semite Malcolm X. It's largely forgotten today, but while Malcolm X eventually eased up on his hatred for the White Devils provided they embraced Islam after he returned from making the hadj to Mecca, he remained a Jew hater until he died.

We also know that Barack Obama had extensive and documented links with Israel basher, terrorism apologist and academic fraud Edward Said when he was at Columbia, as well as major connections with the Saudis and the Nation of Islam through Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal and his advisor, Khalid al-Mansour AKA Don Warden, a well known American Islamist with ties to both the Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam.

Al-Waleed, some of you might remember, is one of the prime movers behind the Wahabi takeover of America's mosques and madrassahs through his funding of the Islamic Society Of North America(ISNA), was a major funder of the Al Qaeda charity al-Haramain and was the Saudi prince who's $10 million dollar donation to New York City after 9/11 was spurned by then mayor Rudy Giuliani after after the prince made a public comment suggesting that the U.S. relationship with Israel were responsible for the attack.

He also has donated millions to establishing Saudi controlled Middle East Studies departments - including at Harvard, Obama's alma mater, where he ponied up a mere $20million.

After college, Obama attended Louis Farakhan's foul anti-Semitic orgy in Washington DC, the Million Man March.

And as we all know, as part of establishing himself in Chicago Barack Hussein Obama spent two decades sitting in Trinity United Church with the anti-semitic Jeremiah Wright ( an ex-member of the Nation of Islam and a close friend of Louis Farakhan's) as his pastor and spiritual mentor.

In the world view of the major figures Barack Hussein Obama chose to associate himself with and many of his foreign policy cabinet appointments, Israel is a white colonialist state oppressing 'people of color' and stealing land that rightfully belongs to Muslims. Israel itself is an illegitimate state that was created and imposed by Europeans on the Muslim world out of guilt over the Holocaust - which of course, the peaceful Arab world had nothing whatsoever to do with. So it's time to force the Israelis into a political settlement to the Arab's liking, for peace and justice.

That's the mindset exactly. So is it any wonder during his speech in Cairo that Obama equated the Palestinian nakba with the Holocaust and compared the Israelis with slavemeasters in the old South and the apartheid of South Africa?

Barack Obama does indeed have something against Israel, and it stems from his deepest beliefs. And now that he's in the White House, it's obvious he's prepared to act on it.
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