Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coincidence? - I think not!

by Rees
April 15, 2009

The Obama Administration via the Department of Homeland
Security released their report (PDF file here) about Rightwing Extremists just before the April 15th Tea Parties. You might say, "So What!"

Well, I believe their intent was to try and intimidate people from participating in today's Tea Parties. Everything they needed to put the fear of God, oops Messiah, into the American public is in that document.

Conservatives typically don't get out and demonstrate until their ox has been gored several times. Liberals will demonstrate for no reason at all.

The current political climate with the huge stimulus package, bailouts and obscene budget that will triple the deficit, finally got the conservatives off their butts and onto the streets. Liberals haven't seen anything like this out of the conservative movement since the Reagan years.

And guess what? Liberals are afraid. They realize that conservatives are the silent majority in this country and if conservatives finally make their voice heard, that it could have real potential to stop some of the out of control spending and socialistic programs being put forth by this administration and congress.

So what do they decide to do to stop or at least slow down this movement? They proceed with their Chicago Thug intimidation tactics.

The latest report by the DHS focuses on "Rightwing Extremists" with no data to support what's stated in the report. The problem is their use of the term "Rightwing Extremist" is a smokescreen to make it appear they're only talking about the real "wacko's" out there.

However, they're not. All you have to do is read the report and you will easily see they have basically smeared all conservatives. I believe I live in an average neighborhood, surrounded by average Americans. Most of my friends and relatives are what I would consider average Americans. Yet, if you go down the DHS checklist, almost every one of my family, friends and neighbors could be considered a Rightwing Extremist.

Obama fired a shot across the bow of all conservatives. He has now labeled us all as potential security threats to our Own Country, and the report was brutal in its smear of veterans.

Most Americans just want to lead a quiet life. They want to work, own a home, enjoy their family and friends and worship as they choose to. They don't want to make waves and they surely don't want to get on the wrong side of the government. As an example, look at how many people are pretty much terrified of being audited by the IRA. They know you can't get into a legal battle with the government, because they have unlimited resources and the average person doesn't. They know they will lose even if they're right.

So what happens now? Hopefully, most of the Tax Day Tea Party Protesters will still show up and make sure their message is heard by this Administration. However, I think that there will be many who won't want the Tea Party Scarlet Letter attached to their name. They don't want to be watched. They don't want to be on the wrong side of this administration.

Obama told the bankers that he was the only thing between the bankers and the pitchforks. He also famously stated to our representatives "I Won." He needs everyone to obey so that he can implement his entire agenda. He will settle for nothing less and will do whatever he has to in order to succeed.

I don't think Our Country needs to be afraid of Rightwing Extremists, I think Our Country needs to be afraid of Obama, his administrations and the tactics of intimidation that they are using to ensure compliance.


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