Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Like Father, Like Son..Appeaser & Coward

Here's a great comment from a post at ACE:
Like all good postmodernists, Obama believes in the power of speech. Words can be bent and shaped mean whatever you want. But action requires commitment; of both physical and moral character. Action requires planting your flag in the dirt and saying: follow me! The postmodernist is made very uncomfortable by the concreteness of action -- rhetoric is so much more comforable. Words are a maze in which many things may be hidden.
Obama came to power on his skill as a speaker, and speaking is pretty much all he's been called on to do so far. However, he shows a marked temerity when firm action is called for. He always seems a bit taken aback when others aren't dazzled by his charm; a bit peeved. His earnestness barely cloaks a deep reluctance to make hard choices and stand by them. He is a man desperate to be liked, and to be seen to be liked. Like all Narcissists, though, he has a thin skin and is essentially a coward. (About which more here, in a different context obviously.)
Bullies can sense a coward, and they see one in Obama. He's only been in office for about three months, and already he's been faced down by the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, and the Iranians. He's a scared little man hiding behind big important words, and the whole world is beginning to notice.

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