Thursday, April 9, 2009

Must Read Book - Lone Survivor - Marcus Luttrell

I started reading Lone Survivor yesterday and finished it around 5:30 this morning. I will say that if someone wants to really understand what war is really like and the heroes that fight these wars for us, then they should read this book. I obviously could not stop reading it. It will tear at your emotions. You will have to stop reading at certain points, and pause for awhile in order to comprehend the extent to which these heroes will fight to protect their team members. Their will to continue the fight did not end until they no longer had the physical ability to do so. They were still firing their weapons as they took their last breathe of air.

Scumbags Murder Marcus Luttrell's Dog UPDATED Partial 9-1-1 Call

Here is the Glenn Beck interview with Marcus

from the blog Cop The Truth

Veteran SEAL and Navy Cross winner Marcus Luttrell is a better man than I am, in more ways than I can count. When some PoS murdered his dog last week, Marcus had the restraint and calmness of purpose to chase the scumbags down and hold them, at gunpoint, until the Texas Rangers showed up. I'm not sure I could have managed that.

Killing people I can understand, but dogs? My hat is off to Marcus, once again, for doing the right thing when it would have been much easier and satisfying to just dump these four scumbags. Godspeed, brother. You're not alone.

Here is a little background:
Petty Officer First Class Marcus Luttrell was born in Huntsville, Texas in 1975. He was a graduate of BUD/S Class 228. He was the only survivor of the fateful events of June 28, 2005 in Afghanistan.

Luttrell and three teammates from SEAL Team TEN were assigned to a reconnaissance mission, operation RED WING, in the Hindu-Kush mountain region of Afghanistan. Their objective was to gather intelligence on Taliban movement in the area. Luttrell’s team was eventually discovered and outnumbered by over 200 Taliban fighters.

Petty Officer Luttrell was the only to survive enemy contact. In the rescue mission that ensued, 16 Special Forces personnel, including 8 SEALs, died when their helicopter was shot down from a RPG fired by Taliban fighters. It was the largest single-day loss of life in the SEALs’ history.

In 2006, Petty Officer Luttrell was awarded the Navy Cross for combat heroism. His full story is documented in his heroic account of the operation, entitled: Lone Survivor.

Marcus’s twin brother, Morgan Luttrell, is also a SEAL, still on active duty.
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  1. I read that book as well and those boys are lucky they got away alive.

  2. It's beyond amazing how the mind can will the body to continue to fight like that.