Thursday, April 16, 2009



Enemy of the State? Me?
by Jeffrey Jena
from Big Hollywood

Wow! Here is what I did today. I taught my comedy writing classes, I went to the driving range and YMCA with my son, and I worked for about four hours on a new web site I‘m helping to launch. Let me see was there anything else? Oh yeah, I became a dangerous potential terrorist and enemy of the state.

How did I become more dangerous to America than an Islamic fundamentalist with a vest full of C-4? It was all my fault! You see, I was so worried about Big Brother I didn’t see Big Sister sneaking up on me. Janet Napolitano has declared that a lot of Americans who are only exercising their constitutional rights are a danger to the country.

After six years of hearing the liberals in this country cry about how the evil Bush/ Cheney cabal had infringed their civil rights we have change. Our new administration is bringing us change we can believe in. They would rather spy on conservative Americans than offend Europeans or the King of some third world country. They would rather infringe upon my God given freedoms than offend the Castro brothers.

For this article I Googled both the Bill of Rights and the explosive C-4 so I am sure the alarms are going off at Homeland Security right now. Some right-wing extremist is hard at work!

Here’s the deal Ms. Napolitano, if you want to spy on me come to my front door. Ask me some questions and I will admit everything

Yes, I own guns, I support pro-life groups, I think people who break the law to come here should be shown the door, no matter where they came from. I really don’t give a rat’s backside what anyone in Europe or Asia thinks about my country. I believe in the Constitution and if you don’t then change it by vote of the people and not by back-dooring me with economic stimulus programs and activist judges.

You want to hear something I believe that will really scare you, Ms Napolitano?

Here it is:

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…

I wish I would have written that, Thomas Jefferson did. I think he owned guns too. Maybe he’s on your dangerous right-wing nut-job Enemies of the State list too.
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