Friday, April 3, 2009

Shun The One? Say It Ain't So...

The Ultimate put-down "A Handshake instead of a Kiss!"

Ouch! Will the 'One' be psychologically scarred from this! Isn't this blasphemy? A hate crime? Please forgive her for she knows not what she has done, or in this case, not done.

from Don Surber
April 3, 2009

My head is spinning from all these protocol problems in President Obama’s European vacation.

Yesterday’s news was that the Queen put her arm around Michelle Obama, who then put her arm around the Queen. Apparently the rule is no touching the Queen.

Today the controversy, as reported by the London Sun, is Carla Bruni refusing to kiss The Won.

The Sun: “French first lady broke with protocol today as she held out a frosty hand to welcome Barack Obama.”

Reading this, one would think Franco-American relations have not been this frosty since DeGaulle ordered the NATO military out of Paris, ruining a nice overseas tour.

And check out Mrs. Obama’s reaction to the smooch by L’Americain.

Can this marriage between France and America be saved?

Maybe Obama should write President Chirac
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