Monday, April 20, 2009

This is 2009, not 1984

This is an incredible article. I posted the first couple of paragraphs and would encourage everyone to click on the link to read the rest of the article. It's worth your time.

from America's Right
By Rick Saunders & Jeff Schreiber
Monday, April 20, 2009

Report: FBI was actively monitoring Tax Day Tea Party protests

Yesterday, White House adviser David Axelrod suggested that the "TEA Party" phenomenon which started sweeping the country last week was an "unhealthy" reaction to tough economic times.

Given the leftist pedigree Axelrod flaunts, that statement should come as no surprise, if not an outright compliment to the many concerned Americans who took time off from work to voice their opinions. Regardless of how taken, it only further underscores the fundamental intellectual hostility toward America and Americans who love their country and Constitution recently demonstrated by folks like Axelrod, DHS Commandante Janet Napolitano and, of course, The Chosen One himself.
Click to read the rest of the article and comments

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