Friday, March 27, 2009

EPA Fines Alaska over Mount Redoubt Volcanic Emissions

Volcanic eruption also violates conditions of Obama's new Cap and Trade Law

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – I'm obviously being facetious, but I'm trying to point out not only how absurd the government has become, but how extreme some of their agencies are. The Cap and Trade Law will increase the cost on all sources of energy, which will ultimately increase the cost of everything consumers buy. Obama pledged that he wouldn't raise taxes on 95% percent of Americans. Well, that was a lie. Cap and Trade is a Tax, and it will affect 100% of the American people. The sad thing is it will hurt poor people and fixed income people like senior citizens the most.

Obama is on a spending and taxing spree. He is taxing everything in sight but trying to disguise it as something we all need and convince everyone that it is in their best interest.

For an example of this government stupidity, the EPA will be issuing fines to farmers for dust pollution. Yes, they must control their dust! That's what the government and the EPA is worried about now. Yet, the four or five eruptions this past week from this Alaskan Volcano probably added more particulates, including toxic gases, into the air than a combined 10 years of farming in the U.S..

You'll never see the Global Warming Whores like Al Gore ever include the data from Volcanic evruptions when they are convincing you that man is having such a devastating effect on pollution and Global Warming. Volcanic gases consist of water vapor, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Man-made carbon dioxide emissions are dwarfed by the amount that volcanic eruptions across this planet create.

Hey, maybe we can get our government to pass laws regulating volcanic eruptions. Why not? They regulate everything else.

Now, back to being serious.

Yahoo News
from Associated Press
March 27, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Another volcanic explosion at Alaska's Mount Redoubt has sent an ash cloud 50,000 feet above sea level.

The National Weather Service says ash from a Friday morning eruption and smaller ones overnight were expected to miss Anchorage but could fall on more sparsely populated areas north of the state's largest city.

The other eruptions occurred less than an hour apart late Thursday and early Friday.
Since the series of eruptions began Sunday night, the volcano has had several bursts. One on Thursday sent ash 65,000 feet high. The last round of activity at the volcano was during a four-month period in 1989-90.
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  1. You know thet you have started a s t storm over this,the EPA now has another idea for revinew enhansement after all it now only takes in almost a trillion dollars a year in fines and fees.