Sunday, March 29, 2009

Paint Your Black Car White and Help Save The Earth!

California wants to eliminate future production of those evil black cars. What about the Presidents Limousine when he comes to SoCal to go on the Tonight Show? Will the President decide to be a pacesetter and order the Presidential Limousine to be painted white? Why not? Then he could look like the Pope, even though he is the Messiah.

I guess it's a good thing that the White House is actually white.

What about black labs, Angus Cows, etc.?

Here is an excerpt from the:

Cool Cars Standards and Test Procedures
California Air Resources Board
Public Workshop
March 12, 2009

Cool paints was identified as an early action approach to reduce GHGsfrom motor vehicle air conditioners use.

Cool Cars Measure:

  • Proposes to reduce CO2emissions by reducing interior temperatures of parked vehicles
  • Reduced interior temperatures can reduce a/c capacity and likelihood of a/c use
  • Smaller a/c or less operation results in less fuel used
  • Less fuel used results in less vehicle CO2emissions

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