Sunday, March 29, 2009

To Obey, Or Not To Obey. That Is The Question...

"Taxation Without Representation Is Tyranny"

If your elected representitive is not reading the legislation that will affect the amount of taxes you as a citizen will be paying, they are not representing you. It's absolutely taxation without representation.

from the Columbia Conservative Examiner
March 29, 12:30 AM
Anthony G. Martin

As the citizens continue to discover the complete dishonesty and betrayal displayed by Barack Obama by governing in a manner totally different than the manner in which he portrayed himself during the campaign, I am hearing more and more about 'civil disobedience.'

Citizens who do not wish to participate in the total dismantling of our Constitutional Republic and the bankrupting of our economic system are searching for ways not only to express their disapproval but to actively and effectively prevent Obama's plans from gaining a foothold.

Back during the campaign in the Fall of 2008, I warned that this would happen. Obama's radical and extremist ideology may have been hidden during a campaign that was overshadowed by an economic emergency, but once the dust settled after his election, the people are getting a clear picture of a man whose views are totally antithetical to the views of most Americans on a variety of issues.

The result is more fear and anguish, deepening uncertainty, and plummeting poll numbers that portray an electorate struck with a growing case of 'buyer's remorse.'

And thus, the search for tangible ways to prevent the Obama agenda from being forced on the public is in full force.

As I wrote in October, one of the foremost and drastic expressions of civil disobedience is in the refusal to pay taxes. That article is found by clicking here to go to The Liberty Sphere, where the article first appeared.

Here is an excerpt:
The first place that we may witness this civil disobedience is in the form of non-payment of taxes. The most conscientious patriots among us may well decide that they will not under any circumstance help fund a government that has lost its legitimacy.

And yes, such an act is considered unlawful and some could be jailed.

But according to the philosophy of the men who founded this Republic, there comes a point in time when governments can lose their legitimacy due to their penchant for limiting freedoms and robbing citizens of their hard-earned money in the form of oppressive taxation.

Thus, with the Constitution and the writings of the Founders as their guide, these brave souls may well collectively say to Washington, 'I can no longer in good conscience provide funds for this government.'

This act of non-compliance to taxation may also involve some businesses which are owned by these brave patriots. Self-employed persons do not have taxes taken out of their checks prior to their receiving the money, but they must pay the government in the form of quarterly tax payments.

But this by no means is the only option for those who wish to engage in effective civil disobedience. There are less draconian tactics to get the attention of a government that is apparently out of touch with most Americans.

This article outlines some of those tactics that could be of immense value.

An example:

Imagine that every working American walked into work tomorrow and changed
their W-4 to 20 exemptions.
This would immediately remove $1.2 trillion of taxes
from the grasp of politicians in Washington. You could bet that would get the
attention of the political hacks in Washington...

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