Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Netanyahu: Biggest peril to Israel and mankind is...

Netanyahu: Biggest peril to Israel and mankind is radical regime seeking nuclear arms
March 31, 2009

Introducing Israel's 32nd government to the Knesset, Tuesday, March 31, Binyamin Netanyahu said Israel faced two major perils on two fronts - the economy and security. Neither was caused by our actions, but the outcome of both will depend on how Israel acts.

Israel seeks peace with the entire Arab and Muslim world, but continues to be threatened by the forces of Islamic extremists.

Netanyahu then called on the Palestinian Authority to embrace peace: "If it is really peace that you seek – we can achieve it. We will promote [negotiations] on three tracks, financial, security and diplomatic…"

The incoming Israel prime minister said: "We will support a Palestinian mechanism which fights terror. We have no desire to rule over another people. The final accord will allow the Palestinians to rule themselves, barring elements which menace Israel. "

Netanyahu then presented his jumbo lineup of 30 cabinet posts including 6 without portfolio and 8 deputy ministers drawn from five parties, Likud, Israel Beitenu, Labor, Shas and United Torah Judaism.
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