Tuesday, April 7, 2009

They murdered her in cold blood- Marcus Lattrell regarding his yellow lab named Dasy

Marcus Luttrell is a true American Hero. He represents Honor, Courage, Strength and absolute Love of Country. He is out of the mold of Heroes that made this Country possible and continue to protect her to this day.

I cannot find the words that properly describe what he went through serving his Country. I can only say 'Thank You" to Marcus, but also let him know that there are many more Americans like me that feel the same way as I do.

I know from experience the unconditional love that a dog gives you. When they look at you, all they see is someone they love. There are no 'kind of's', or 'maybe's'. They just do. If a person truly has the ability to love, it would be hard to imagine that person not being able to love a dog.

Society should be concerned about those that can commit a cold-blooded killing like this. I wouldn't want them living in my neighborhood.

Apparently a group of scum bag teens were big fans of Michael Vick, because 'for fun' they have been driving around Texas shooting dogs. As if shooting dogs wasn't horrible enough, one of the dogs they executed belonged to an American hero -- Marcus Luttrell.

The dog, named Dasy (each letter representing one of Luttrells fallen team members) had been given to him to help him with the healing process after going through absolute hell in Afghanistan (see Lone Survivor). Needless to say, this dog meant absolutely everything to him. Marcus heard the gunshot, saw the punks and chased them until he finally caught them. These wastes of skin are only alive because Marcus let them live

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