Sunday, May 24, 2009

Calling Obama out - and it needs to happen more often

from Don Surber
May 24, 2009

Republican Sen. Jon Kyl:
“He [Obama] meant to say that 770 people or more became terrorists because we have a prison at Guantanamo?”
It is on. President Bush is out of office and with him that curious Bushian refusal to dignify with a response the outrageous slurs against his honor.

Kyl took President “It Is All Bush’s Fault” Obama for Obama’s years of lying about Guantanamo Bay.

Good for Kyl. Gitmo did not create a single terrorist.

9/11 happened before Gitmo.

Beheading Daniel Pearl happened before Gitmo.

Hanging the dead bodies of our soldiers happened before Gitmo.

Since then…

The war has continued but the contention that this made the enemy meaner is a crock.

False claims of torture are a recruiting tool? Hardly. I would not sign up to be tortured. Would anyone?

Showing the consequences of inhumanity makes people tend to be a little more humane.

And Kyl called Obama out:

“9/11 hijackers didn’t do their deeds because of Gitmo. The people who… blew up the (U.S.S.) Cole or the Kolbar Towers or the first World Trade Center didn’t say, ‘There’s Gitmo down there,’ because it didn’t exist. And even after that I don’t think you saw guys sitting around in some coffee shop in Saudi Arabia, saying, ‘You know, those Americans have this prison called Gitmo, I think I’ll become a terrorist.’ I mean, it’s palpably false to suggest that the existence of Gitmo created terrorism, and yet the president gets away with that.”
Game. Set. Match.

The story is here.

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