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Lefties on North Korea - Can't We All Just Get Along?

"The same people who whine about visitors carrying concealed weapons at Yosemite seem to have no problem with a nutcase having a nuke" - Don Surber, May 25, 2009

from Don Surber
May 25, 2009

The Axis of Evil may have nukes
Lefties on North Korea

The North Korean dictator showed the world that he has nuclear capabilities that indeed can reach Japan. And some on the left say it is merely a cry for attention from a neglected man.

Over at Think Progress (which does neither), Matthew Yglesias:
Everyone seems to agree that a North Korean nuclear test is a bad thing, but I’m a bit at a loss for smart things to say about it. Joe Cirincione says “North Korean nuclear test shows the failure of both US and China’s strategy to roll back the program.”

I guess it strikes me that the DPRK’s nose for grabbing attention seems a bit off if they’re deciding to do this over what’s a holiday weekend in the United States.

What? The best time to attack is on a holiday. Maybe he was not grabbing attention so much as testing our perimeter.

Steve Benen at Washington Monthly seemed upset, calling it North Korea’s most dangerous temper tantrum:
After a provocative missile test in April, North Korea was rebuked by the U.N. Security Council. The country soon after threatened a nuclear test unless the Security Council apologized for being mean to North Korea.

The ineffectual nature of the United Nations is beginning to seep into the consciousness of some on the left.

Hillary supporter Taylor Marsh inadvertently shows that Mrs. Clinton is not up to the task. Marsh wrote:
We’ll have to wait to get more information, as well as independent verification, which at this early stage the State Department says it cannot

And who bragged about taking 3 a.m. phone calls in last year’s presidential campaigns? Honey, it is always 3 a.m. somewhere.

Charles Lemos seemed to think that going nuke is just a cry for help and understanding:
Beyond all this, what the North Koreans really want is to chat one-on-one with Washington. We, on the other hand, prefer the six-party talks and using the United Nations to impose sanctions. Sanctions that restrict North Korea’s financial capabilities likely remain the most effective but it bears reminding that China is unlikely to back punitive sanctions on Pyongyang.

Poor, misunderstood Kim Jong-Il. The same people who whine about visitors carrying concealed weapons at Yosemite seem to have no problem with a nutcase having a nuke.

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