Saturday, May 30, 2009

UAW Workers - what a bunch of Einsteins

from Holger Awakens
Saturday, May 30, 2009

UAW Workers Vote At New York Plant: Work For Less or Lose All Jobs? They Voted To Lose Jobs

Way to go United Auto Workers! Once again you have proven your leadership to be nothing short of brilliant. At the Magna parts plant in Syracuse, New York, the UAW took a vote that would make wage and benefit concessions in order to keep the plant open and save their jobs - this from the article over at Breitbart. The UAW workers proceeded to vote "No" to the new contract and the plant will be closed and all 1,400 workers will lose their jobs. Like I said, what a bunch of Einsteins.

Now, perhaps the Union here has some inside information that President Obama will open the plant back up after his Government buys the plant and begins to run it, but I don't think Magna operations are quite visible enough for that to

So, 1,400 union drones just voted to slit their throats - and now they can all shuffle along in the unemployment lines and make the kind of wages the rest of us make. Enjoy your newfound economic security, putzes! Oh and don't let it bother you that your Union bosses who told you to vote "No" are all on a plane for their new assisgnment at another location where they will enjoy the same pay, the same benefits, the same perks...that you paid for.

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