Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is Mohammed a Pimp for Terrorists?

Was Mohammad the Original Motivational Speaker???

Did he contrive the vision of Paradise and 72 virgins as a reward for martyrdom to motivate his army to continue to fight?

Why would you believe in a God that will reward you with 72 virgins if you will kill innocent men, women and children?

Why is 72 virgins the magic number?

If their God did not reward them with Paradise and 72 virgins, would they still kill with the same amount of enthusiasm and with no regard for their own life?

Do they treat their 72 virgins in Paradise as brutally as they treat their women here on earth?

The lives of most suicide bombers generally suck. Of course they going to be motivated to die for the cause when they can leave their hell-hole on earth and be rewarded with Paradise and 72 virgins. It's no wonder that they're lining-up and taking numbers wanting to die.

How can you actually believe in a God that is so deranged that killing your children in the name of honor is a considered a pious act?

How perverted is it that the parents want their children to become martyrs? How can they believe in a God that has them bring children into this life for the sole purpose of killing others?

Their ultimate dilemma is if there is no more war, no one to hate and kill. When that happens, how do they get to Paradise and claim their virgins?

That's the whole point! Their religion requires perpetual war and killing.

Wouldn't these beliefs of costant killing, even within your own family, be contrary to everything a loving God would desire for his children?

I believe my God must be horrified by the disgusting, barbaric, satanic behavior of some of his children.
Just my thoughts.

Someone needs to re-write their playbook.

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