Sunday, May 24, 2009

Foreign Tea Parties - Obama shedding some teflon

Great article from Don Surber
May 24, 2009

London Telegraph: “British banks revolt against Obama tax plan.”

Reuters: “Netanyahu defies Obama on Israeli settlement freeze.”

Is Matt Drudge alone in noticing a trend here?

True, some pathetic presidents did not go along with President Bush on Iraq. The Axis of Weasels ended when Germans and the French elected new, pro-American leaders. Did anyone ever imagine that someone would run as L’Americain in France — and then win?
So there.

Now we can see what all of the David Axelrod PR machinations of the last 2 years are for:
Nothing, nada, zip. Being telegenic does not cut it.

The British love Obama but apparently hate his policies.

Ditto Israel.

But hey, Hugo gave him a neat book.

From the Telegraph: “British banks and stockbrokers may refuse to take on American clients if new international tax proposals outlined by President Obama are passed. The decision, which would make it hard for Americans in London to open bank accounts and trade shares, is being discussed by executives at Britain’s banks and brokers who say it could become too expensive to service American clients. The proposals, which were unveiled as part of the president’s first budget, are designed to clamp-down on American tax evaders abroad. However bank bosses say they.”

Going after tax cheats is a ruse to end — or severely limit — international trade. Obama wants to dump free trade.

As for Israel, it is not one of Obama’s 57 states. Reuters reported: “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday rebuffed U.S. calls to impose a freeze on all settlement activity in the occupied West Bank, setting the stage for friction with President Barack Obama.”

The news agency quoted Netanyahu as telling his Cabinet: “We do not intend to build any new settlements, but it wouldn’t be fair to ban construction to meet the needs of natural growth or for there to be an outright construction ban.”

It is difficult to turn enemies into friends, but pretty easy to turn a friend into a foe.
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