Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear President Obama: Your Economic Stupidity Is Killing Us

from the blog Dear President Obama
March 5, 2009

Mr. President, was there crack in that herb you were smoking in the picture yesterday?

Your complete incompetence on this Nation's economy... your choice of Criminal Treasury Secretary Tim "Turbo Tax" Geithner to run our economy into the ground... all of these things are on YOUR head, Mr. President.

Your whiny reliance on what did, or did not happen on George Bush's watch is rapidly becoming a faded memory as you single-handily do more damage to our economy than the last 3 wars combined.

Traders wander the floor, ankle-high in the fiscal blood you're spilling as you implement your socialist agenda. You've lied REPEATEDLY to the American people during both the course of the fantasy that was your campaign, and now, your lies and utter incompetence are hurting us in unimaginable ways as you redistribute the wealth we've accumulated through our hard work and vision.

I GET that you've never had an original thought in between those jug ears of yours. I get that you smoked ENTIRELY TOO MUCH DOPE (and based on your recent decisions, STILL ARE) but the steps you're taking are blowing so many holes in our economy that you're about to sink the entire fricking ship of state, and you've only had your hand on the tiller for a few seconds, relatively speaking.

Your reliance on the fantasy of man-made global warning as an excuse to kill any serious effort at energy independence by taxing and restricting energy producers is so moronic that a 4th grade class president would see it in a minute. The fact is, Mr. President, that while you can't take a dump without a teleprompter present, even YOU have to see that you are personally responsible for the debacle your short tenure has become.

You lied about earmarks. You've interfered in ways that your own Congressional Budget Office said are harmful. You told us there wasn't any pork in your porkulus package when there was enough there to replace Hormel in its entirety.

Do you REALLY believe that lying to us to get your socialist agenda into place is the way to lead?You fringe-left nutters had your panties in a bunch for YEARS over what you believed to be Bush's lies... yet your winged monkeys remain utterly silent in the face of YOUR lies, the idiocy behind YOUR policies, and the God-awful outcomes of your insane efforts.

Make no mistake, Mr. President... you OWN this economy now, and your obvious inability to fix it is entirely on YOU.
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