Monday, March 9, 2009

Do you want to grade Obama's report card? Here's your chance.

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March 9th 2009
A Couple Wake-Up Calls For Barry
Posted by: Laer at 04:44 pm

MSNBC, the network that brought you Barack Obama complete with leg-tingles, is running an on-line survey today asking its viewers to give Obama a grade, A to F. (And here I thought letter grades were passe in the liberal universe!) Granted, such surveys are as scientifically valid as James Hansen on anthropogenic global warming, but still, the results are a bit of a wake-up call for the National Barack Corp. and others of its ilk:

Giving him an A: 27%
Giving him and F: 51%

There’s a much more significant set of numbers out from Rassmussen, which has been tracking Obama’s Approval Index, the difference between those who strongly support the prez and those who strongly oppose. Again, what else matters? If you don’t have much of an opinion on Obama, you’re not much involved in politics.

PrezO’s Approval Index has fallen precipitously, from 30 on January 21 to 6 today.
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