Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Downing Street left embarrassed after President Obama scales down first meeting with Brown

Obama won't make himself available for a joint press conference because he can't speak coherently without his teleprompter. He knows he'll screw up and look like an idiot, so he takes the cowards way out and avoids the media. When is the media going to call him on this? Oops! That was a stupid question. Nevermind.

By Benedict BroganLast updated at 6:23 PM on 03rd March 2009

Downing Street was left scrambling to avoid a diplomatic embarrassment today after the White House ruled out a formal press conference to mark Gordon Brown's first formal meeting with Barack Obama.

Officials denied the Prime Minister was being snubbed after it emerged that the new president would not make himself available for the traditional joint appearance before the White House media.

Mr Brown's aides are trying to make the best of what is a distinctly low key visit compared to the family hospitality lavished on Tony Blair by George Bush when they met for the first time.
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