Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For the record, your not allowed to compare Obama to anything other than great presidents, biblical figures and Spike Lee. Just so we’re all clear.

from the website Democrat=Socialist
March 11, 2009

Barnes and Noble says a customer placed the book in the display at its Coral Gables, Florida location, then snapped the photo. The company says its associates removed the book as soon as it was noticed, insisting claims that Barnes and Noble had intentionally positioned the book within the display are completely false.

“This malicious and despicable act is nothing short of a hate crime, which should be punishable under federal statutes,” Leonard Riggio, founder and chairman of Barnes and Noble, said in a statement.

Just remember, Obama IS a monkey, as are you, Lucille Ball and Beethoven. Unless your a creationist, then we all magically appeared from the ground.
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