Friday, March 6, 2009

The Global Warming Believers are beginning to squirm - Mother Nature is not cooperating!

Talk about backtracking and making up things as you go. Now the Global Warming Crowd are saying that this cooling is just temporary and that when the trend changes global warming will come back with a vengeance. Whatever! Why don't they assume that the years of increasing temperatures was also just temporary? They absolutely projected that ther would be a steady year-to-year increase in the global temperature because of the continuous increase of man made greenhouse gases. Now they are saying that despite the continuous increase in greenhouse gases that Mother Nature has decided to cool things off for awhile. As Spock would say, "Highly illogical."

The bottom line is that we could have steady cooling for 50 years and and these people would still argue that man made global warming is an issue. There are too many people, organizations and governments that bought into the global warming agenda to back down now even if Mother Nature should continue to prove them wrong.

The Global Warming Crowd ought to put their money and effort into stopping the uncontrolled pollution in the 3rd world countries. Third World countries either have no pollution guidelines or don't enforce them. India for example probably creates more air and water pollution than the United States and Western Europe combined.

The United States and Western Europe are doing and have been doing their part. They've incurred the additional costs to install pollution control devices on their factories. They incurred the additional costs to properly dispose of hazardous waste. Yes, it should continue to be done, but for every 2 steps we take forward, the 3rd world countries take us 3 steps back. JMHO.

Warming might be on hold, study finds
Authors sense hibernation, but warn of 'explosive' rise later
from MSNBC
By Michael Reilly

For those who have endured this winter's frigid temperatures and today's heavy snowstorm in the Northeast, the concept of global warming may seem, well, almost wishful.

But climate is known to be variable — a cold winter, or a few strung together doesn't mean the planet is cooling. Still, according to a new study, global warming may have hit a speed bump and could go into hiding for decades.

Earth's climate continues to confound scientists. Following a 30-year trend of warming, global temperatures have flatlined since 2001 despite rising greenhouse gas concentrations, and a heat surplus that should have cranked up the planetary thermostat.

"This is nothing like anything we've seen since 1950," Kyle Swanson of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee said. "Cooling events since then had firm causes, like eruptions or large-magnitude La Ninas. This current cooling doesn't have one."
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