Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama 1, American Idol 0 - He may declare "I Won", but did he?

Dear Barry,

If you were a contestant on American Idol, you would be the first to go. I'm also pretty sure that Simon and the rest of the judges would not use their one-time "save" on you.

There were 31 million votes cast last week. Some people can obviously vote twice if they choose to do so (hey, just like they did in the recent election). However, just to be safe, we'll be conservative, a concept that you're not familar with, and assume that not everyone voted twice. We'll round the number off (just like Tim G. does). Let's just guess that you may have pissed off upwards of 20 million people.
Yes, Barry, all the American Idol fans will be thinking about you come Tuesday night, but it won't be in a positive light. Think about it next time Mr. NOTUS. (Narcissist Of The United States)

from the Times Online
by Tony Allen-Mills
March 22, 2009
Democrat anger at Obama overkill
Concern is mounting at the president’s tactics

WHEN the White House announced last week that President Barack Obama will be returning to the nation’s television screens on Tuesday for a prime-time press conference that will postpone the latest episode of American Idol - the talent show watched by 25m viewers - fans of the programme were quick to respond.

“Stop, please stop, Mr O, we can’t take much more,” one angry viewer wrote on an Idol-related website. “Not again!” complained another. “It’s the same speech he’s been giving for the past year.”

There were dark mutterings that by commandeering evening programming only a few days after he appeared on Jay Leno’s popular late-night chat show, Obama was “just like Fidel Castro [of Cuba] and Hugo Chavez [of Venezuela] - always on camera, always giving speeches and lecturing”.

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