Friday, March 20, 2009

Pigs Fly and...

Man bites dog: Conyers troubled by ACORN allegations, calls for probe

posted at 5:13 pm

on March 20, 2009

by Allahpundit

from Hot

Turns out they might be kind of shady. Who knew?

Mr. Conyers, Michigan Democrat and fierce partisan, suggested a
congressional probe after scathing testimony about the Association of Community
Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) during a hearing on various voting issues
related to the 2008 presidential election.

Mr. Conyers called the accusations “a pretty serious matter.”

“I think that it would be something that would be worth our time,” he
said during Thursday’s hearing. “We’ve never had one person representing ACORN
before the committee. … I think in all fairness we ought to really examine

The testimony by Pittsburgh lawyer Heather Heidelbaugh accused the
nonprofit group of violating tax, campaign-finance and other laws by, among
other things, sharing with the Barack Obama campaign a list of the Democrat’s
maxed-out campaign donors so ACORN could use it to solicit them for a
get-out-the-vote drive.

Follow the link for details on an exciting new program known as “muscle for the money,” in which communities “organize” in front of protest targets until they’re paid to go away, and the inevitable Democratic pushback against Conyers’s surprising call for an investigation. Exit question: ACORN and Team Barry exchanging donor information? I’m shocked, shocked.

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