Sunday, March 15, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes

March 15, 2009
By J.C. Smith
from American Thinker

The darkest times in human history have all begun when someone decided "not to let a serious crisis go to waste". In fact, it is in times of economic crisis that folks are most susceptible to the ideas of tyrants. We look for an answer, any port in a storm that will shield us from the unknown. And in our desire to be safe, we open ourselves up to things that we would never have dreamed of allowing in normal times.

We stand on a treacherous precipice here in America today. Had you been able to ask a German prior to Hitler's rise to power if Germany was capable of the Final Solution, do you think that they would have laughed you to scorn? Do we see that it was not a monstrous sub-class of people who carried out the orders of the Reich but rather normal people who were living their normal lives and were carried away into madness in degrees by a man who understood that times of crisis were perfect opportunities for major reform? The story of the Russian Revolution carries with it the exact same lessons that we fail to see. It was economic crisis that lent itself to the ascent of the Communist party and to the deaths of multiplied millions of Russians at the hands of that regime.

When good people relinquish the power of the free market, the power that rests in the hands of the individual, and look to a charismatic figure for help, disaster is right around the corner. It is nothing new that is happening in the world today, my friends. It is the same thing that has been happening since the dawn of time; it takes a crisis to enthrone a monster and I fear that something wicked this way comes.
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