Monday, March 23, 2009

Taliban Halts All Polio Vaccinations In Swat Valley of Pakistan

from the website Holger Awakens
by Holger Danske
March 23, 2009

The people of Pakistan are starting to find out exactly why the people of Afghanistan are clinging to every hope that the Taliban do not regain control in their country. The Taliban in the Swat Valley (this is where the Pakistan government has signed several peace agreements, one giving the Taliban sharia law in the district) are throwing out all organizations in the area that are not Pakistani government oriented and included in that are the outside organizations that help vaccinate the children of Pakistan against polio. Here's some of the details from the Daily Times:

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Sunday ordered all non-governmental
organisations (NGOs) to immediately leave Swat. In an exclusive chat with IRIN,
TTP spokesman Muslim Khan said, “They come and tell us how to make lavatories in mosques and houses. I’m sure we can do it ourselves. There is no need for foreigners to tell us this.”“NGO is another name for ‘vulgarity and obscenity’,” Khan said. He said NGOs hired women who worked with men, in the field and in offices. “That is totally unIslamic and unacceptable,” he said
As for the specific banning of the NGO's that provide the polio vaccines, here's the brilliance of the Taliban:

Infertility: When asked why the TTP was against the polio vaccination, Khan said, “The TTP is against polio vaccination because it causes infertility.”“I’m 45 and have never had one drop of the vaccine and I am still alive,” he said, adding that another reason the TTP was against polio vaccination was that the campaign was run by NGOs and the vaccine was imported.
So, what does this all add up to for the children in the Swat Valley of Pakistan? Well, if a child does survive not being vaccinated from polio, they can look forward to a young life of no education since many of the schools have been destroyed and the Taliban don't allow school...and then of course, there's always the jihadi training camps for the young Pakistani boys and the forced genital mutilation for the young girls. Ask the children of Swat if they were for signing the peace agreements with these misfits.
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