Friday, March 20, 2009

We Need Real Adults Running This Nation!

from Democrat=Socialist
March 20, 2009

It sickens me when I see some folks still swooning over Obama, despite all the scandals and blunders that have come to light in just his first 50 days in office. Simply throwing the bums out of office would only be a good start. Then we must set to work reforming this nation’s society.

First off, we need term limits. By allowing unlimited terms in Congress we have created a defacto aristocracy that feels no obligation to the will of the people.

And I know this doesn’t sound very democratic (with a small D) but I now favor the Ray Bradbury approach. If you have never served in the armed forces, you are not a citizen and only citizens have a right to cast a vote.

Now I’m willing to compromise on this. So if you are 30 yrs. old, you can earn your citizenship provided you can pass a test and demonstrate that you have an understanding of geopolitical events as well as a grasp of the Constitution and the intent of the Founding Fathers.

Right now our culture is burdened by too many adults with an entitlement mentality and too many college aged kiddies who’ve had their heads filled with Marxist doctrine. Such people have no right to cast a vote. So let them sit at home and watch mindless rot on TV while the real adults run this nation, making decisions based on logic and commonsense, rather than emotion.
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