Saturday, March 14, 2009

While you were sleeping: Democrats open door for UN to tax Americans

Does anyone think that it is just a coincidence that the first time this amendment isn't included in the appropriations bill happens when Obama becomes President? Obama and the Democrats are doing everything they can to make sure we are no longer a sovereign Nation. We are the frog in the kettle of water and they are slowly increasing the heat so we don't realize what is actually happening to us.

from The US Report
March 13, 2009

While you (and establishment media) were sleeping, Ban Ki-moon slipped his hands in your pocket, and then he had the nerve to call you a deadbeat. A lone Republican tried to do something about it. No one from the other party reached across the aisle even though doing so would have clearly protected the interests of the Americans they represent.

"It’s obvious the Democrats in Congress not only want to raise domestic taxes. They have created a deliberate loophole for the UN to tax us as well. Establishment media ignored this story."

Washington, D.C.)—While media obsessed about Rush Limbaugh and Congress obsessed about how much pork could be stuffed down the throats of U.S. taxpayers, Democrats in Congress paved the way for the United Nations to use U.S. funds from appropriations bills to pursue global tax schemes. GOP stalwart Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) seemed astonished when a preventive amendment he introduced to the Omnibus Appropriations bill failed by a 43-51 vote. This wasn’t an unusual amendment.

Inhofe’s announcement said, “This provision has appeared in every annual appropriations bill since 1996, and this year marks the first time an annual appropriations bill will not contain this policy.” Will taxpayers soon see a new line item whereby we owe the UN on top of the new administration's planned tax increases?

Inhofe also said prohibiting U.S. taxpayers funding UN global taxes in annual appropriations bills has been a bipartisan U.S. policy that began over a decade ago under the Clinton administration. He continued, “My amendment to the FY ’09 omnibus appropriations bill would have reinstated this important U.S. policy and ensured that officials at the UN and other international bureaucracies who receive generous funding from US taxpayers do not pursue or implement policies of international taxes on US taxpayers.” Inhofe said he was “disappointed” the Democratic majority in the Senate reversed course on this “longstanding US policy.”
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