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Civilian Deaths Apparently Not Obama’s Fault - Nor is anything else...

from the blog Cheat-Seeking Missiles
May 9th 2009
Posted by: Laer

An joint Afghan-US investigation has shown that a number of civilians were in fact killed in heavy fighting that occurred last Monday and Tuesday in and around two villages in Farah province, Afghanistan.

I’ve read the AP report twice now, and apparently it’s not Obama’s fault that these civilians died. In fact, the word “Obama” doesn’t even appear in the report. There’s no mention of Obama’s actions to increase U.S. deployments there, or of his longstanding support for the war in Afghanistan, or of his campaign promises to get things straightened out there.

Instead, we learn that the Taliban (called “militants” by AP) was really to blame because they used human shields (which may or may not be worse than waterboarding; it depends on who you ask), and that local leaders’ accounts of 147 civilian deaths were “extremely over-exaggerated.” Really, “exaggerated” would have sufficed; the “over” is uncalled for.

Imagine a similar incident occurring under the Bush admin. The 147-deaths figure would have led the article, and the village leaders would have been prominent, with extensive quotes about the pathos and the need to blame Bush. The joint US-Afghan study would have been given secondary billing, and the word “Bush” would have appeared at least twice.

So, thanks to his good friends and burger buddies in the media, there’s not much Obama Drama coming out of his war.
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