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If It Is Good, It Is Done By Me - Obama The Narcissist

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May 11, 2009

KEITH HENNESSEY: The President’s Silly Health-Care Announcement.

“The President is attempting to claim credit for savings that (a) do not yet exist, (b) are not backed up by any specific changes in industry practices or government policies, and (c) are related to him only in that the groups announced they were adopting his quantitative goal. For all three of these reasons, the President’s claim that these savings will materialize is wildly unrealistic, and it is absurd to attach a per-family savings number to it."

Here's a portion of the above referenced article. It's worth the time to read.

The President spoke about health care in the cross-hall today, flanked by the heads of several major health lobbying groups (”trade associations,” in Washington vernacular):
  • hospitals — the American Hospital Association (”AHA”);
  • doctors — the American Medical Association (”AMA”);
  • insurance companies — America’s Health Insurance Plans (”A-Hip”);
  • the drug manufacturers — Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (”Pharma”);
  • the medical device manufacturers — Advanced Medical Technology Association (”AdvaMed”); and
  • health care worker unions — the Service Employees International Union (”SEIU”).
The President announced,
[T]hese groups are coming together to make an unprecedented commitment. Over the next 10 years — from 2010 to 2019 — they are pledging to cut the rate of growth of national health care spending by 1.5 percentage points each year — an amount that’s equal to over $2 trillion.

This is one of the sillier White House announcements I have seen. Let me draw a sports parallel:
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