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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Candidate Obama and his fellow anti-war buddies spent well over a year accusing the Bush gang of taking their "eye off the ball" in Afghanistan by choosing to fight in Iraq.

By the time Bush left office, Iraq was largely a settled matter and focus had shifted back to the Afghan situation. What became clear is that most jihadists had given up on Iraq and had reconvened in Pakistan in order to fight across the border.

Candidate Obama promised to do two things. First, to fight vigorously against the resurgent Taliban in Pakistan. Second, to get Osama. He has accomplished a tad of the first and none of the second. The Afghan war continues to escalate and become increasingly problematic.

President Obama has sent in additional forces but the tide continues to run against him. To date, the anti-war Obama is escalating the fighting and losing the battle. Apparently, it is much easier to be a smartass as a candidate than it is to be the responsible decision maker as the POTUS.

But the real irony is this: Obama has taken his eye off the ball. As the following story reports, our military is facing growing jihadist activity in Iraq, where things had been progressing nicely pre-Obama.

However, by announcing withdrawal plans, ordering the end of our terrorist detainment regime, promising to no longer practice enhanced interrogation on enemy combatants and generally taking a far less aggressive posture than the Bush administration, Obama has not only taken his eye off the ball, he can no longer see the field. He has encouraged the enemy to return to the fight.

The message to those on a jihad: America is backing off and there is a much clearer field for you now to practice murder, torture, intimidation and genocide. Obviously, the terrorists have gotten the message.

Our troops are now much more in harms way in Iraq than was the case in January. Further, we are clearly worse off in the Afghan and now Pakistan region of conflict than we were six months ago.

In other words, Obama has taken his eye off the ball in Iraq while at the same time dropping the ball in Afghanistan. At immediate risk are American troops in the field in both Mideast theatres.

At risk ultimately are the American people and the homeland. This leftist anti-war President has remained loyal to his long held doctrinal beliefs relative to our military and the ongoing conflicts with our sworn enemies.

To date, he has shown little loyalty to his fellow Americans in such matters.
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