Friday, May 1, 2009

The Left’s New Back-Door Strategy to Silence Talk Radio

from the Media Research Center
Free Speech Alliance
May 1, 2009

The Left’s New Back-Door Strategy to Silence Talk Radio

The Left is launching a new and more deceptive strategy to implement the so-called “Fairness” Doctrine -- under different names and without a vote in Congress. But their goal remains the same – the silencing of conservative and Christian talk radio.

Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is preparing to use regulatory terms like “diversity,” “localism” and serving the Left’s definition of the “public interest” as new, backdoor “Fairness” Doctrines to indirectly impose radio censorship. This new line of attack could be implemented without a vote in Congress and without ever using the name “Fairness” Doctrine.

Obama’s acting FCC Chairman, Michael Copps, says he believes the government has a role in enforcing media “diversity” -- including the re-examination of station licensing and making popular conservative and Christian radio programming somehow “more reflective” of “public interest!”

Copps added that given the new political climate, “we have a tremendous opportunity going forward to reinvigorate our media, to ensure that the public airwaves truly deliver the kind of news and information that we need to sustain our democratic dialouge and to reflect the great diversity of our country.”

This government intrusion on our Free Speech Rights must be stopped.
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