Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obama: How Can You Say Things Are Improving??? 8 reasons why you're wrong!

RealtyTrac: April foreclosures rise 32 percent
MIAMI – The number of U.S. households faced with losing their homes to foreclosure jumped 32 percent in April compared with the same month last year, with Nevada, Florida and California showing the highest rates, according to data released Wednesday.

Median home prices fall in 88 percent of cities
WASHINGTON – Home prices fell in nearly nine out of every 10 U.S. cities in the first quarter of this year as first-time buyers looking for bargains dominated the market.

Retail sales drop unexpectedly in April
WASHINGTON – Retail sales fell for a second straight month in April, a disappointing performance that raised doubts about whether consumers were regaining their desire to shop. A rebound in consumer demand is a necessary ingredient for ending the recession

U.S. credit rating at risk: former agency chief
SINGAPORE (Reuters) – The United States is at risk of losing its triple-A credit rating unless it starts putting its finances in order, a former head of the agency in charge of fiscal accountability said in the Financial Times on Wednesday.

U.S. posts first April budget deficit since 1983
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States posted its first April deficit in 26 years, a record $20.91 billion shortfall as a deep recession caused revenues to collapse in the year's biggest tax collection month, the U.S. Treasury said on Tuesday

US trade gap widens for first time since July
WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US trade deficit increased in March for the first time in seven months as exports sank to a 2004 low amid the global economic crisis crippling trade, Commerce Department data showed Tuesday.

Dollar falls to multi-week low against euro
LONDON (AFP) – The dollar struck a near-seven week low against the euro on Tuesday as safe-haven demand for the US currency declined on prospects for an improvement in the battered global economy, dealers said.

White House forecasts higher budget deficit
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The White House on Monday raised its forecast for this year's U.S. budget deficit by $89 billion due to the recession, millions of new unemployment claims and corporate bailouts

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