Monday, May 4, 2009

Obama indicates support for Iranian Nuclear Weapon - All things considered, he may as well make it official

Obama should hold one of his warm and fuzzy press conferences and officially announce his support for the Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program. He might as well, because everything he's said, including what's been said by those in his administration, indicates that he will do nothing to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Obama is now using the Iranian Nuclear Program as leverage to blackmail Israel to agree to his Middle East Peace Process. Obama is bound and determined to go down in history as THE American President that brings about the mythical "Peace in the Middle East." It's rooted in his narcissistic, always needing to be a hero mode. His narcissism will end up being his downfall. Middle East Peace is not going to happen under him or any future American President. The culture and the religions will not allow it to be.

It's unfortunate there are no adults in his administration, because it's time that one steps-forward and gives Obama a "good talking to."

Just when you think the Obama administration couldn't get anymore extreme, Obama decides to employ his attack dog Rahm on Israel and threaten them into submission. I have a feeling that Israel will remain outwardly cordial, but behind the scenes, they are going to make Obama pay dearly. I think they'll find a very clever way to embarass Obama on the national stage.

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