Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ObamACORN: Criminal charges filed against ACORN and two employees

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article from American Thinker
by Rick Moran
May 05, 2009
Criminal charges filed against ACORN and two employees
I'm glad somebody, somewhere is finally cracking down on these goons.
The state of Nevada has filed charges against the group ACORN and two of their employees for voter fraud. Mary Manning of the Las Vegas Sun has the details:
The complaint includes 26 counts of voter fraud and 13 counts for compensating those registering voters, both felonies.

The Association of Community Organization for Reform Now, Inc., also known as ACORN, operated a Las Vegas office that helped register low-income voters last year.

Throughout 2008, ACORN employed canvassers to register people to vote in Nevada, the complaint said. ACORN paid the canvassers between $8 and $9 an hour, but made continued employment and continued compensation based on the canvasser registering 20 voters per shift. Those who failed to sign up 20 voters per shift were terminated, the complaint said.

From July 27 through Oct. 2 ACORN also provided additional compensation under a bonus program called "Blackjack" or "21+" that was based on the total number of voters a person registered.

A canvasser who brought in 21 or more completed voter registration forms per shift would be paid a bonus of $5.

The Blackjack program was created by employee Christopher Edwards, field director for the Las Vegas office. ACORN timesheets indicate that corporate officers of ACORN were aware of the Blackjack bonus program and failed to take immediate action to stop it.
Take those 26 counts and multiply by at least 50 and you have a small idea of the kind of registration fraud committed by these goons.

In places like Ohio, it was much worse and charges against several ACORN employees may be filed there as well.

The Nevada ACORN had a convicted felon serving time in a medium security facility as one of their supervisors of the voter registration project.

Looks like he'll have some company shortly.
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