Saturday, May 2, 2009

Politics Is A Religious Substitute For A Lot Of Liberals....

image: "The Truth" by Michael D'Antuono

If You Needed Proof That Politics Is A Religion Substitute For A Lot Of Liberals....

....I think this blasphemous, grotesque picture which is scheduled to be shown in NYC's Union Square on Obama's 100th day in office should do the trick.

Setting aside the offensive blasphemy aspect of this, anyone who builds a politician up to this level is setting himself up for a fall -- especially when you're talking about a lying, naive, unpatriotic, cowardly, incompetent fool like Obama -- who is, in his ignorance and lack of real world experience, using this economic crisis to systematically undermine the foundations of this country's success.

Hat tip to Justin Hart & Melissa Clouthier for the pic.
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