Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Additional Information Regarding Chas Freeman's Foreign Policy

Chas Freeman is just like Obama. They both hate America and Israel. They believe that America is the cause of many of the World's problems. They believe if they just change our foreign policy that these problems will go away.

Chas Freeman should know better because he's been involved in foreign policy his entire career. It can only mean that he does know better, but that his anti-American views prevail. His comments confirm this. His comment about Netanyahu is not only unacceptable, it's unprofessional and reflects a deep anti-Israel position. If Obama allows Chas to become the Head of the National Intelligence Council, we might as well throw his first National Intelligence Estimate Report right into the garbage can because that is where it will belong. It will be a publication that won't be worth the paper it's printed on.

One other thing. It was interesting that Chas's son came to his defense. It's nice that his son would do this, but I think Chas should defend his foreign policy positions. In addition, Chas's son threatening to smack in the face those of us who disagree with Chas being Head of the National Intelligence Council, was very childish to say the least. Not only are we not impressed with Chase, we're definitely not impressed with his son.

by Daled Amos
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And Chas Freeman Is A Practical Man?

Good question--and Powerline adds to the practical problem of Chas Freeman:

Kramer doesn't note this contribution by Freeman to the 2002 conference hosted by the Middle East Policy Council, but I think it is significant especially in light of the most recent Israeli election:

Q My name is -- (inaudible) --. And what I would like to ask is, because of the multiple turnovers in the government in Israel and the differences of their opinions of how things should be carried out, has this hindered their ability to bring about peace and agreement in a peaceful process?

MR. FREEMAN: You're asking whether Israeli politics are an obstacle to a decision on peace?

Q Right. ...

MR. FREEMAN: ... Many people suspect that if Mr. Sharon were to fall from power that he might be succeeded by Mr. Netanyahu, or some other yahoo on the right. (Laughter.)

Given that Mr. Netanyahu is about to become Israel's Prime Minister, Freeman's description of him as a "yahoo on the right" suggests that he may not be the best person to interpret Middle Eastern intelligence data for the President.
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