Monday, March 23, 2009

All In The Name of Honor? - Jordanian Father Beats To Death His 19 Year Old Daughter For Wearing Makeup!

Having two children of my own, it is inconceivable to me that a Father can consciously kill their daughter, all in the name of honor. This ‘honor’ thing is obviously part of their religion. It goes along with their willingness to sacrifice their children as suicide bombers. If these Muslim men believe so strongly in killing all the infidels, why don’t they become a suicide bomber and let their children live longer? They’ve obviously been on this Earth a lot longer than their children.

These Muslim men supposedly believe life after this existence is Paradise, and that there will be 72 virgins waiting for them. They profess that they are willing to martyr themselves for Allah. If they truly believe in that mythical hereafter, why are they still here? Why? It’s because they love life more than their religion and they are afraid to die!

Bottom line about Muslim men is this:

- They love their religion more than they love their children!
- They love their own life more they love their religion!
- They want everyone else to be the suicide bombers!
- They are cowards who are afraid to die!

One more question. Why don’t we hear about honor killings that involve their sons? Is there nothing there sons can do to dishonor them?
Sunday, March 22, 2009
from Holger Awakens

And wouldn't Mohammed be so proud. The disgusting news came out yesterday, seen here in this article at Yahoo News, that a Jordanian father (with the help of his two sons) beat to death his daughter for leaving the house with makeup on and for speaking to a stranger. Once again, upholding the "honor" of Islam has taken the life of one of the world's innocents. Here's some of the disgusting details:
Jordan's prosecutor has charged a man and his two sons for the premeditated murder of his 19-year-old daughter Saturday, in the latest "honour killing" to take place in this conservative desert kingdom.

The man and his two sons were charged with beating to death the daughter for leaving the house in makeup and talking to a stranger, according to prosecutor Salah al-Taleb's indictment sheet.

The father brought his daughter to the hospital after she lost consciousness and turned himself in.Autopsy showed severe injuries to the head which caused brain hemorrhage and the body was covered with bruises.
Now, I don't know when the last time was I heard of an honor killing in Jordan so one might think this is a bit out of the ordinary....well, look at this line from the article:
In Jordan, an average of 20 women are killed by male relatives each year.
And that's REPORTED figures - I wonder how many young women and girls are killed in Jordan in this same manner and their deaths are reported as murders by strangers? And since we are talking about this maniacal killing of these innocents, these young girls and women...just where is the outrage from the women's groups in America? Are they scared of taking on Islam? I don't see American women's groups backing down from attacking Christians in America who may have objections to abortion in this country but I hear crickets when it comes to them attacking the islamists for this 8th century practice of honor killings.

Let's face it...these groups in America will march in the streets in defense of a woman's body in respect to her reproductive "rights" but when it comes to defending a woman's right to live, they are no where to be found. And that, to me, is even more disgusting than this poor woman's murder.

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