Monday, March 23, 2009

Barack Obama is now THE ONE as the name changing trend continues!

AIG is now AIU
Terrorism is now Man-caused Incidents
Terrorist is now Armed Militant
Socialist is now Democrat
Dictator is now POTUS
Weather Undergrand Terrorist is now Respected Scholar
MSNBC is now The Obama Network (thanks to Keith Olbermann & Chris Matthews)
Keith Olbermann is now !#&!!#@*!
Cornell is now Cownell (thanks to Keith Olbermann)
Cownell University is now South Hampton Institute of Technology (thanks to Keith Olbermann)
Chris Mathews is now Johnny Mathis (singing the Christmas Carol "Do you feel what I feel!"
Patriotism is now COOL (as only Barak and Michelle can make it)
Mahmoud Ahamdinejad is now OUR FRIEND
Iranian Nuclear Ballistic Missile Program is now Legitimate Iranian Space Program
The Palestinian Peace Process is now The End Of Israel
The Constitution is now the Liberal Wikipedia
Timothy Geithner is now Doogie Howser

There are plenty more. My mind has gone blank. Help me out!

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