Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama To Visit 'American Idol? - If he does, he'll be the biggest "Attention Whore" of all time - if he's not already

I think it would be a horrible decision if Obama were to go on American Idol. However, it wouldn't surprise me if he does, because the immature misfits that manage him are intent on having his arrogant mug in our face 24/7. They know he'd be watched by millions of people, many just to see him on Idol.

I think the continued excessive media exposure of Obama will just alienate more and more people, as everyone is getting real tired of his "self-declared awesomeness" being force-fed to us every day.

We'll see what wins, common sense or his uncontrollable narcissistic ego.

May 1, 2009

The "American Idol" contestants have enough pressure dealing with the critiques of Randy, Kara, Paula and Simon – and if "Idol's" harshest judge gets his way, they'll be performing for President Obama.

"We would put out an invitation on a daily basis," Simon Cowell told The Hollywood Reporter about "Idol's" attempt to get the Commander in Chief to appear on the hit FOX show.

"I'd love him to come on, his wife to come on, kids to come on." Simon said of the First Family. "I could only picture now what it would be like if he actually turned up."

Adding, "He's a rock star!"

In the meantime, "Idol's" final four will be graced by the presence of another rock star, when Slash mentors the contestants next week.
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  1. Well, American Idol is held in a theatre, isn't it? Obama's security team would take up the whole place.....'cause he's just so bloody important.

    You have a great blog here; I am glad I happened upon it.

  2. response to Joanne:
    Thanks for the nice comment. I really appreciate it. I basically just follow Obama's self-destructing administration and add my thoughts along the way. Unfortunately, he's doing a lot of damage to our Great Country. Hopefully, it won't be irreversible. Only time will tell.